knack mk2

AC Main Power Cable

Selecting the proper and potent power cable is the first step for the assembly of any balanced high-end audio system. Properly designed power cable can bring life to
any audio component and revive the original purity of the music as well as deliver the balanced to the complete audio system. Before even getting into the complex world of signal flow,
the empowered power delivery, that can act against EMI and RFI noise and keep the electricity rawness is most significant factor and Lab12 Knack power cable deliver
the power with the unprecedented impact. We’ve spent years experimenting with the right conductors, capacity and inductance and Knack is result of the tireless R & D, that delivers unrestrained electrical power to any device. Knack power cable was designed along with the our renowned Gordian power conditioner and its our recommended partner for any of the Lab12 products.


• EU, US, UK, Swiss power connector versions
• 16A (C13) or 20A (C19) IEC connector versions
• Independent braided copper shield to phase and neutral cores
• High grade red copper, gold plated connectors
• Rating: 115-240V AC 16 Amp continuous current
• Total conductor thickness: 3x6mm² (10AWG)
• Cable resistance: 3,40 mΩ /m
• Internal capacitance: 150pF /m
• Internal inductance: 2.80 uH /m
• Length: 1, 5 meters (custom length available)

The most fair way to improve your system's performance