Phono preamplifier represents the utmost challenge for any high-end audio designer and company.
There are numerous phono preamplifiers on the market, but as with the rest of our products, we wanted to create the phono, that follows profoundly different, flexible and sonically perfected pure Lab12 path.
Melto2 is another proud Lab12 future retro-modern creation, that fuses past and present into a fully accomplished 21st century technology high-end audio product.
Melto2 is a full tube, remotely controlled phono stage with high quality OLED display, where all important functions are clearly visible and easily selectable in real time.
Years of experimenting and creating high-end audio devices allowed us to create most potent and emotionally engaging phono preamplifier, where no subtle detail is being hidden behind the noise or improperly designed gain stages.
This highly adjustable phono stage offers fine setting like impedance, capacitance, gain, three EQ curves and more.
Melto2 represents a vinyl and along enthusiasts’ dream come true with the sound quality and Lab12 down to earth pricing.